I subscribe to a local "green" groupon-like site that a friend of mine owns and operates. Last month I bought a session with a local herbalist who she knows and respects. I went to him, told him my issues (depression, anxiety, low libido, hypothyroid) and he created a tincture/tonic for me. Here are the ingredients: 2 parts Yellow Dock 1 part Blue Vervain 1 part Skullcap 1 part Gotu Kola 1/2 part Licorice Instructions are to take 3-5 ml in a small glass of water 3x day preferebly before meals. He also gave me a tonic of Damiana Leaf specifically for libido to take as needed (2ml in small amount of water). I'm a little nervous to start taking them because it's new for me but I'd like to try. I called my doctor just to run it by her and told the nurse all of this. She said she'd relay it to my doc just to be sure but I haven't heard back. It's not like it's high priority, probably. Anyone know much about these herbs? Thanks!