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1. The original purpose, question, subject matter of a post can be lost if you post something that has nothing to do with the original title subject/question because it pulls the discussion in a new direction.

2. Your new post that is on a different subject can be lost/buried under a completely different title.

3.New people coming in to look for a subject may be looking for
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Please, do not post off-topic.

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- racism
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- disrespect, criticism or antagonism directed towards other members
- profanity
- offensive jokes

Copyright Laws
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Discrimination in any form is never allowed. If you have a problem with another person on this forum, let me know and I
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Repeated violations of these rules may cause you to be banned from this forum.

Thank you for your cooperation and I sincerely hope you enjoy this forum and receive good experiences and information here.

All are welcome --just please remember this is a site for all ages so remember the rules of etiquette.

I thank you in advance for contributing to this forum in a fun and positive way.

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Walk in Peace and Harmony.
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