Do enjoy the article entitled What is Kwazaa?

In keeping with the informatory note of the article, I wanted to list The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa, also known as the Nguzo Saba of this lovely cultural celebration.

I also wanted to list the corresponding seven days, from December 26th (the beginning) through January 1st (commencement) because I once heard a man from another race call Kwanzaa a bull_ _ _ _ holiday...

To that I must say, Just because you cannot embrace another person�s culture or beliefs does not mean you have to be derogatory.

Ethnic beauties, I have also listed the names for each day, in English and Swahili...

December 26: Unity / Umoja � Participants are encouraged to strive for unity in the family and their community.

December 27: Self-Determination / Kugichagulia � Participants are encouraged to define themselves, speak for themselves and create for themselves.

December 28: Collective Work & Responsibility / Ujima � Participants are encouraged to build up their community, to work with others to solve problems.

December 29: Cooperative Economics / Ujamaa � Participants are encouraged to maintain or create businesses, and to profit from them together.

December 30: Purpose / Nia � Participants are encouraged to collectively build and develop their community, thereby restoring all to its former greatness.

December 31: Creativity / Kuumba � Participants are encouraged to always do as much as possible to leave their community more advantageous than they found it.

January 1: Faith / Imani � Participants are encouraged to believe in themselves, their leaders and the righteousness of all of the above.
April Alisa Marquette, Editor
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