Hey Busy Friends,

Since the holidays are fast approaching, I thought I'd give a heads up on what's to come on the Quick Cooking site for the holiday season. I recently developed a new Sugar Cookie Mix, and have found that I can make dozens of different kinds of cookies from it. Beginning December 1, I will post a new cookie that can be made from the mix each day (for 12 days). Since all of you are really busy, none of these cookies will take more than an hour of your time, and since they have been tested by my official tasters (who are actually quite picky) as well as other friends and neighbors, they will be suitable for you to serve or give to your friends and neighbors.

For your information, today (November 17, 2011) is Homemade Bread Day (whoever files to get these holidays official obviously doesn't have enough to do). This should be easy to celebrate, since hopefully most of you have an automatic bread machine and can throw the ingredients in to make a quick loaf. If you haven't got a machine yet, visit goodwill - they usually sell for $5-10, so they're cheap.

If you're planning to make pies for Thanksgiving, check out the new pie crust mix on the dessert site. It saves lots of time. There are also recipes for the fillings both on the Quick Cooking and Dessert sites, so there's no excuse to serve cardboard crusted yucky grocery store pies.

Please let me know if you have special requests for quick dishes. I always like a challenge, and I always like an excuse to try something new.

Karen Hancock, Quick Cooking Editor
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