This topic was brought up in another thread and seemed worthy of its own.

In the US, our society is a very "stand far apart" culture. We expect there to be 4 feet between people when they talk. We are one of the most far-apart-when-talking cultures that there is on Earth.

In comparison, in other cultures they are used to hugging all the time. You hug three times when you meet. You constantly touch the other person's arm. You hug good bye. It's very touchy-feely.

So a man we might think was "touchy" in the US might be thought to be "frigid and hands-off" in Italy. If someone was "hands off" in the US, in Italy he might be considered dead smile

So how we perceive the men around us could have a lot to do with where we live and what our expectations are. We might think they're too laid back when really compared with other parts of the US they're very demonstrative. Then we might take a trip to Italy and realize just how "repressed" most of the US is smile

If we crave a man who is more touchy, we could just move to Italy!

Lisa Shea, Low Carb / Video Games Editor
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