Do Enjoy the article entitled Eyebrow Know-How, Get the Look You Want

For the beyond forty woman, I read that as we age we lose eyebrow hair from the outside in. So...cute trick: lengthen the brows with strokes from an eyebrow pencil.

Oh and say experts, the thinner the brow as you pass thirty, the older you appear. Hmmm...

Sexy dark Ross Burton, Lancome's national artistic director was once quoted saying "Eyebrows are sisters not twins � they don't have to be identical." He acknowledged that we all have one brow that is higher than the other, so ladies don�t sweat it. Our brows will never look exactly alike, but that's okay.

To make sure your tweezers maintain their firm grip it is advisable to swab them with alcohol. This cleans them and removes accumulated oil.

If you've got tips or tricks we'd like to know too smile

Shout-out to Javonni, the lady with the beautiful brows!