It's been awhile since I've had one of these dreams. They feel different - like a thousand radio signals playing at the same time...

This morning I had a dream I�d gotten a call on my cell phone. When I answered, someone on the other end was playing �Winney the Pooh.�

I wondered who would have known I loved �Pooh� as a child, who would be sending me this. From there I was given a tour I guess. I was shown like 1500 households, but at the same time. Kind of like being in a hot air balloon and looking down but feeling what was going on inside of them.

The dream showed me individuals. So, I�d see people at work on their lunch hour, someone trying to work, people at home, people in front of their computers, but almost spacing out.
They were all contemplating. They were also contemplating doing something important, going somewhere.

They decided, a lot of them anyway, to call in sick, pull the kids, pay what little money they had and go. To them although it felt risky deep down inside their conscience pushed them beyond anything they�ve felt in the way of release, in a long while so the risk was worth it.


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