We have experienced a fantastic trip in Spain last summer. Let me introduce you our itinerary in Barcelona . Wish it can help you when you travel there. After a jolting of train and bus from Madrid , we final get camping hotel�Vilanova Park which is a tourist resort as tropical botanical garden. Wooden cottages situated in the forest, there is an air conditioner and single bathroom every cottage. It is only 14/euro/person/night.
At the night, we made a detail plan of five days journey. At the early of next day, we started to enter the urban of Barcelona. The ticket is 0.85 euro/person, it will take 40 minutes from camping place to train station. We spent 17 euro to buy a train ticket which can take ten times. After about 40 minutes, we came the underground center of Barcelona�Estacio de Sants. At information, we took 19 euro to buy a sight seeing bus card. The sight seeing bus is a double-decker bus, the upper is open. The sconces are along the bus routine. It is very convenient for travelers who come firstly. Our first station is Placa Espanya. It was worth mention that there is a music fountain at the center of square, it is really magnificent and stirring.
The second station is Anella Olympic, Olympic venue. Olympic main hall, track field, natatorium and a signal rebroadcast tower which is designed by Japanese architect are located here. When I stood at the auditoria of track stadium to overlook, it seems that cheering for Olympic athletes burst into my ears, and the Olympic sacred torch was burned front my eyes.
The third station is Port Olympic. Here was a poor industrial manufacturing zone. In order to hold Olympic Game, Barcelona government paved a 50 meters wide and 4 kilometers long beach, 92 Olympic yacht race was held here. Now, the Port Olympic, clear and blue sea water, the beaches which is filled with sands, which had become a famous bathing place and vacation resort. At here, I achieved what my wishes to enjoy a crab meal with my colleagues to finish our travel to Spain.