This is an excerpt from my new book Wicca 404: Advanved Goddess Thealogy. Enjoy!

Esra Free


Whether it is being lovingly described by its adherents, tallied as a social movement by impartial statisticians, or even decried as "Satanic" by Christian apologists, Wicca is almost universally (alongside its many modern neo-pagan cousins) labeled an "Earth Religion."Wicca is most certainly, in practice, a religion closely aligned with the Living Earth and Her seasonal changes, which lie at the root of our most important celebrations, the Sabbats. But to call Wicca an "Earth Religion"and stop there is to seek the whole of Wicca's thealogical foundation in, and to limit the scope of its meaning and applicability to, the details of human existence on this one tiny planet floating like an anonymous raindrop in the vast ocean of stars, quasars, nebulae and galaxies we now know the universe to be.

From WICCA 404: Advanced Goddess Thealogy
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by Esra Free, HPS
Cosmic Goddess Coven

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